• Name: ADDCARE Elisassist One


Model Elisassist One
Design benchtop
Pipetting Spec  
Number of pipetting channels 1
Tips 300ul/800ul. Disposable plastic tips, non conductive, low cost, Liquid level, clot, empty tube detection function
Tips rack capacity 192tips (2positions, each can hold 96tips)
Pipetting pricision(CV) and accuracy  <0.75%, ±1%@100ul
Liquid level monitoring  Liquid level monitoring, clot monitoring and empty tube monitoring
Sample/control Positions 8x12=96 samples (standard tube diameter 13mm, other diameters on request)
Reagent positions bottles / vials (16+7+5) in custom rack
Plate positions One plate on plate drive + one standard or deep well plate predilution
Incubation positions 1 (in light protected position)
Temperature range RT- 60 adjustable at an increment of 0.1 
Washer  1 x 8 pins
Wash buffer capacity 3pc Low-buffer alarm function
Measurement module   
Dynamic range 0-4.0 OD   
Spectral range 340~750 nm
Filter shots 405, 450,492, 630nm + 2 empty filter positions
Reading channels 8-channel
Reading modes Single, dual
Barcode scanner optional
Software Intelligent, easily programmed
Dimensions W*L*H mm 645 x 450 x 680
Weight kg 30
HIS/LIS, CE certificate, ISO9001,ISO13485, Completely intellectual property rights
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