• Name: DNA extraction system

DNA extraction and PCR preparation systemsare designed to precisely process all steps required for these complex and time consuming 
applications on an automated platform. Sample pipetting, reagent dispensing, magnetic particle pipetting, separation and washing and 
the final transfer of the obtained DNA to the PCR tubes are performed in an environment protected from contamination.
Model DNA 2/100 DNA 4/100 DNA 8/150
Independent pipetting channels 2 4 8
Worktable size W*D mm 1195*725 1195*725 1595*765
Tube carriers 6 holding 144 tubes
Each sample tube carrier can hold up to 24 tubes with a diameter of 12mm
Reagent carriers 6 holding 24 throughs
  Each reagent carrier can hold up to 4 disposable throughs
Plate carriers 2 for 8 micropolates 2 for 8 microplates 3 for 12 microplates
Each plate carrier can hold up to 4 microplates
Tip racks  One tip rack holding up to 4 sets of 96 tips (up to 384 tips in total)
Tip eject station With a waste container installed below the worktable


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